Why Invest In License Plates For Sale In The UAE

5Getting plate numbers for a vehicle is usually a tedious task in most parts of the world. This is indeed among the minor hassles that must be well taken care of. If you are in the United Arab Emirates, it is actually a very different story.

In 2016, there was a report saying that a Dubai-based Indian businessman purchased a number plate for $9 million from a government-sponsored auction for UAE number plates. Prior to that, a businessman in Abu Dhabi paid about $14 million for a license plate.

How UAE Number Plates Are Priced

4License plates for sale in the UAE are often considered as an investment platform. In Dubai, license plates contain 5 digits. You can choose which digits you like to have on your license plate. Remember though that there are some numbers that have higher prices. Numbers that range from 1-10 fetch the highest price. There are also some combinations that are sold for higher amounts.

You might say that these are just license plates. But for UAE residents, they are not just strips of metal but a status of symbol, a source of pride and a luxury good.

Bear in mind though that not all license plates are created equal. For investors, they get license plates from the capital of Abu Dhabi. Based on the locals, capital plates cost much since Abu Dhabi is related to a lot of concepts, which include power, money, nationalism, and the government.


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